Mold Damage

What is Mold?

One of the silent destructive forces in your Boulder, Colorado home or business, mold is a noxious presence that can cause serious health complications. Mold is a fungal growth that normally breaks down organic material in the environment, but it’s not something you want in your house! If you have young children, asthmatics, elderly, elderly or individuals with weakened immune systems on your Boulder property, mold allergy effects may be much worse or even lethal. If you’ve recently experienced water damage or detect mold odors, call Boulder Water Damage for help eliminating mold and allergy causing spores from your property.

Boulder Water Damage Mold Services

Boulder’s number one provider of mold removal services, we have 12+ years of experience in identifying allergen causing molds, removal and prevention. Our IICRC certified technicians have all the equipment and knowledge you’ll want from an expert mold removal team. Call us today for help during all stages of complete mold eradication at (303) 626-2696.

-          Insurance claim processing, damage auditing
-          Quarantine of infected areas
-          Air Scrubbing
-          Moldicide application and spore removal
-          Deodorization of affected areas
-          Restoration of discolored areas
-          Prevention of further growth

Latest Technology

Dry Ice Blasting – using the very latest in advanced environmentally safe cryo-tech, our dry ice blasting systems are ideal for killing mold through compressed air. As ice crystals form on the fungi, they are torn apart and destroyed. The crystals act as an abrasive force on the substrate as well, peeling pack thin layers of wall or wood, striking deep at the source of the mold beneath the surface. Talk to the Boulder Water Damage technicians today about dry-ice blasting for your mold issues today.