Fire Damage

Boulder Fire Damage

Fire is a common occurrence in Colorado and the dry summer forests of Boulder are not immune to this destructive force. Although a fire can be utterly debilitating, what you may not know is that Boulder Water Damage can help you recover your property! Whether it’s a forest fire, kitchen fire, furnace, or even sprinkler damage, the experienced IICRC trained Boulder Water Damage professionals have a solution for any type of fire and smoke damage.

What’s the deal with smoke?

After the flames from your Boulder fire are quenched, the lasting effects of smoke can not only cause respiratory issues but are a nasty reminder of the extinguished blaze. Get back your peace of mind and eliminate smoke with Boulder Water Damage immediately. Call us at (303) 626-2696.

A few things you may not know yet about smoke

-  You know that smoke rises, but it also travels through walls, openings in wiring or plumbing and can migrate throughout a property leaving ash, oil residues and lingering odor throughout your site.
-  Not all smoke is created equally:

  • Wet Smoke – Low temperature, slow burning, causes “spider web” effects of smoke damage and often leave behind oily particulates.
  • Dry Smoke – Higher temperature and quickly burning, usually more easily cleaned and leaves behind powdery ash.

-  Smoke can permeate a space, leaving behind odor even after the surface has been sterilized. For this reason, Boulder Water Damage uses Ozonation. A process where we seal your home and activate an ozone generator that uses the naturally deodorizing property of ozone to eliminate any trace of odor in your home.

Fire Damage Services

Boulder Water Damage goes several steps further than many other damage restoration companies to completely restore your property to pre-fire condition with a package of complete fire damage solutions:

-   Boarding up of site if structurally compromised to prevent further environmental or vandalism-related damage
-   Containment of damaged areas and mitigation of damage to unburnt areas
-   Full assessment of damage and inventory for insurance claim purposes
-   Complete cleaning of affected area, burn removal and furniture replacement
-   Soot, ash and protein residue cleanup
-   Smoke deodorization

If you’re struggling with the aftermath of a fire at your Colorado home or business, trust the fire damage restoration specialists at Boulder Water Damage to help you navigate the careful restoration of your property. Call us today at (303) 626-2696and reclaim your peace of mind.